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Create data in Captio

This documentation will guide you through the data creation process on the Captio platform.


To carry out this user guide, you must have the following sections configured:

  • Innova Online setup: You must have the Customer id configured (Innova Online setup).
  • Captio Connect setup: You must have the soluction configured as indicated in the section Captio Connect setup(Captio Connect setupt).


The creation of data in Captio is carried out form Setup > Setup > Captio Connect setup > Create data.

Once the system is configured to be able to export data to Captio, the process to follow is detailed.

Create projects

To create projects in Captio, the Synchronize job field must be activated in the Captio Connect configuration screen.

From the Create data > Create jobs action the data corresponding to the jobs will be created in Captio as custom fields.

Create dimensions

To create dimensions in Captio, the Synchronize Code department and/or Synchronize code customergroup fields must be activated in the Captio Connect setup screen.

From the action Create data > Create dimensions the dimensions will be created as custom fields in the Captio platform.


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