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File storage

The file storage allows store files in system.

  • From report templates: Files in PDF format created when a Document (Document) is generated from a Report template (Report template).
  • External files: External files in any format imported to the system.

A file storage can be associated to system record through a Table id and Record id.




You should fill these fields to generate a file storage:

  • No.: This field is obtained from serial number configured in Docuten eSign setup.
  • Title: This field is obtained automatically.
  • PDF: When the file is a PDF.
  • Docuemtn no. and Document status: These fields are filled automatically if exist a Document (Document) for this file storage.
  • Table id. and Record id.: These fields can be filled automatically if you want associate the file storage with a system record.


The actions that can be performed from a report template are detailed.

Load file storage

To load a new File storage you should use the functionality Click to choose a file or drag it here that allow you click to image to select a file or drag & drop a file.


Download file

Allow you download file.

Update file

Allow you update file if the Document (Document) was not sent to Docuten.

Create document

Allow you create the Document (Document). A Document will be created automatically when the loaded file is a PDF.


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