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Post expense in journal

This documentation will guide you through the posting expense process in Business Central.


To carry out this user guide, you must have configured a series of data in the different sections (Posting setup).


Once the system for posting expenses is configured, the process to follow for posting expenses in accounting from a report is detailed.


Posting reimbursable expenses

The reimbursable expenses will be posted to the account number associated with the category and the counterpart will be the type of movement and account number associated with the user. If the report had advances, the amount of the advance will be deducted from the amount to be reimbursed by the user and will be posted to the advance account (See pre-posting setup).



If, when posting the reimbursable expenses, there is an advance related to the report and this advance is not posted to Business Central, the corresponding advance will be posted in the posting process.

Posting no reimbursable expenses

Non-reimbursable expense will be registered to the account no. that has the category associated and the counterpart will be the type of movement that has been setup in the payment method posting setup for the expense payment method (Payment method posting setup).




When all the expenses of the same report have been posted, both the report and the expenses of the report are automatically entered into the history.


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