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Document versions are created each time the Generate action of a document (Document) is executed.

It may be the case that a document has been created and it is not accepted for some reason, so it is necessary to modify the document and generate it again. This action generates a new version of the document that corresponds to the current version that appears in the document, although all existing versions will be seen in this section.


In version this modification has been made to resemble the existing functionality in the Innova Online portal (Innova Online), where you have access to all versions of the document .




Fields detail:

  • Document type: Document type
  • Document no.: Document no.
  • Id: Identifier generated in Innova Online (Innova Online) portal
  • Generation date: Generation date of document version
  • Amount: Information from XML
  • Signed: Indicates if XML has been signed
  • Gateway: Gateway used
  • Gateway status: Document status based on gateway (Pending, Sent, Cancelled)
  • Register no.: Register no. assigned by the gateway when it receives a document and registers it in its system
  • Processing code: Code assigned by the gateway that indicates the status of the document (2500 = Paid for FACeB2B)
  • Cancelled code: Code assigned by the gateway that indicates the cancellation status of the document (4100 = Unsolicited cancellation for FACe)
  • From portal: Indicates if the version was generated by the initial load of documents when upgrading to the latest version


About document


  • Refresh: Updates the status of the document from the Innova Online portal. This action is useful if actions are performed on the document from the Innova Online portal
  • Download: Download XML from document
  • Send by email: Send by email the XML corresponding to the document to the email indicated in the client file

About gateway


  • Send: Send the document to gateway
  • Check: Check the status of document in gateway
  • Cancel: Cancel the document in gateway


For some gateways, the Cancel action may not be available because it is not available in the gateway services.


  • Download in Zip: This action downloads the XML corresponding to the lines selected when the action is executed in a Zip file.


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