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The documents has files in PDF format and they can be send to Docuten for start the signature process.

These documents are crated from:







The seccions of Document are detailed.


This section has the document data and data of Docuten.


  • No.: This field is obtained from serial number configured in Docuten eSign setup.
  • Posting date: Document posting date.
  • Document status: All status for a document.
  • Source document type and Source document no.: The document has been created from these data.
  • Has signers and Has attachmanent: When the documents has signers and attachments.


  • Title: Document name to send Docuten.
  • Description: Document description to send Docuten.
  • Expire date: Deadline until which the document can be signed in Docuten.
  • Notification date: Date of the first signature notification that Docuten will send.
  • Language: Language of the notifications that Docuten sends.

Docuten data

This section includes all the data that Docuten returns related to the document when a document is sent or the status is consulted in Docuten: Identifier, Document version, Signatures total, Signatures done, Date, Status code, Document status, Public identifier y File name.

To send a document to Docuten requires configuring certain aspects of the document.


The signers are the people who must sign the document in Docuten once it has been sent.

You can add as many signers as deemed appropriate and they require minimum data to be valid.



The signers detail is explain in the section Signers (Signers).


It is allowed to add attachments to a document to be sent to Docuten together with the document to be signed. These attachments will also be signed in Docuten.



In the case of updating a document with attachments already sent to Docuten, these will be removed and must be reloaded.


The information that appears in the history is retrieved from Docuten and contains information about the evidence document (when a user is notified, when a user signs, etc.).



Each call to Docuten is saved in the log.



The actions that can be performed on a document are detailed.

About file

Allow you download file.

About status

When a document is created, its status is Pending. In order to be sent to Docuten, it must be in the Ready state and have signers. Each state is detailed:

  • Pending: Document initial status. From this status you can change to Ready.
  • Ready: This status indicate that this document is ready to send Docuten. You must fill signers. From this status you can change to Pending, Send o Send multiple.
  • Send: This status send a document to Docuten to start the signature process. If exist any signers, the document will be signed for all signers in Docuten. From this status you can change to Cancel and Delete.
  • Send multiple: This status send a document to Docuten to start the signature process. If exist any signers, a document will be create in Docuten for each signer. From this status you can change to Cancel and Delete.


    This action marks the original document with status Multiple and creates a new document for each signer. These new documents are related to document Multiple and keep the same data and attachments as the original.

  • Cancel: This status cancels the document in Docuten and a reason for cancellation must be indicated. From this state one cannot pass to another.

  • Delete: This status deletes the document in Docuten. From this state one cannot pass to another.


About document

You can execute these actions for document:

  • Get detail: Gets the detail of the document based on the status in Docuten. Fill in the details of the document, as well as the signers and history.
  • Resend notification: Resend a notification to next signer. This action is manage from Docuten.
  • Download proof: Download the proof document from Docuten.
  • Download signed: Download the signed document form Docuten.
  • Add attachment: You can add an attachment to send Docuten. You acan see the attachment from Navigate > Attachments.
  • Download attachments: You can download attachments when the document is signed in Docuten. The attachments downloaded are a file in format zip and they have all attachments signed.


Get detail documents

From the list of documents, you can execute this action that obtains the Docuten detail of all the documents.


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