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The signers are people who must sign the documents in Docuten.

These signers are associated with the Documents ([Documents] (../Documents/)) that are sent to Docuten.

There is a signer agenda where signers can be saved when inserted into a Document. In this way, it is easier to use them.

Document signers

To insert signers, they must fill in a series of fields and once the Document has been sent to Docuten and signatures are being made, Docuten reports other fields. This is the detail of the fields:


  • Email: Signer email. Mandatory.
  • Name: Signer name. Mandarory
  • Nif: Signer nif.
  • Mobile: Signer mobile. If this field is reported, notifications will be made to the indicated number.
  • Signature type: You can select a signature type:
  • Certificate: It is signed with a certificate stored in Docuten + OTP.
  • Own certificate: It is signed with a certificate stored in system.
  • Biometric: It is signed with biometric signature.
  • Automatized: It is signed with a certificate stored in Docuten.
  • OTP: Signature with OTP (send validation code to email or mobile).
  • Undefined: The signature type is requested when access to Docuten.
  • Rol: You can select a rol:
  • Signer
  • Approver
  • Language: You can select a languate for notifications:
  • Spanish
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Notification order: This field is automatically filled in when you insert a signer but can be changed. Indicates the order of notification from Docuten to the signatories.

Fields obtained from Docuten

There are several fields that are obtained from Docuten and allow to know the status of the signer in the document (Date sent, Date signed, Status, etc.).

Actions about signers

When a Document ([Document] (../Documents/)) has been sent to Docuten, it is allowed to add more signers until it has been fully signed. In this case, there is the action Actions > Resend document that the new signer sends to Docuten.


Signers agenda

The signer agenda is intended to facilitate the introduction of signers in the documents sent to Docuten. In the signer agenda you can add signers by filling in the fields indicated above (Email, Name, NIF, Mobile, Signature type, Role and Language).



You can execute the next actions in signers agenda:

  • Export template: Generate an excel document with an example of signers so that it can be completed with the actual signers.
  • Import signers: It allows importing an excel document with the format defined in the previous template to introduce signers.


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